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Making Dreams Come True

Event Managers and stylists are fundamentally party planners at heart.

It is so hard to keep up with thoughts of – do we need a planner and a stylist or a coordinator, and who does what job?

You’ve come to the right place; we do all of it and wrap it up in one tiny package that allows you to be comfortable with having all bases covered. 

We can have as little or as much input as the client wants us to, we are essentially the glue that makes the events run seamlessly and effortlessly. It is a multi-dimensional profession. Events today are all about exposure and experience. You can push the boundaries with fresh, dynamic and original ideas and a little bit of Pinterest obsessing. This is what we love. This is what we do. This is what we are good at. Putting visions to paper and then watching them come to life like a well-oiled (but highly air-conditioned) machine.



Rockkeeya Brooks, Owner: My story probably started with my love of dance and music, from my childhood. I was in dance groups and participated in a lot of talent shows. I always had a passion for seeing people dance and have fun.  I moved from to organizing family and friend events.

Completing my Degree in Business Management in 2005 I knew I was on the right track to finally finding my passion. These events lead me to understand high pressure situations and to expect the unexpected, it taught me the importance of getting things in writing, remaining calm and always having a backup plan. Customer service was paramount and becoming a chameleon to all walks of life was essential to getting the job done. The thrill that I get when guests first walk in and the love that is felt when speeches are on, I get a buzz from it. Every. Single. Time. Events are my blood type, it's in my veins. When I planned my own wedding my love for events was exploding, the time, detail, thought and preparation that it took to plan was incredible and so exciting however on the day was another story.

Although it went perfectly; I got married! So many details were overlooked, my dress was locked in my seamstress bed room and her kids had to break in to get it, I forgot to put on deodorant, I forgot my 4 month old daughter diaper bag, I forgot half of my décor at home, All I could think about was stress.

These were minor things I know, but on the day with heightened emotions and so much change so quickly I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to relax and let go, but I couldn’t. 

This sparked me even more, I wanted to make sure that no other Brides (on my watch) would go through similar unnecessary emotions. When you know what you know it’s so easy to not make the same mistakes twice, that’s how my love for event planning began. I knew with my event experience I could run large scale events and after my wedding and assisting on countless others I knew this was what I am passionate about. I used to envy people that loved their careers but finally after a decade I’ve finally found my nook. I’ve finally started to feel what it’s like to truly love and get excited about going to work.

Other things have started to interest me; food, table settings, cutlery, fabrics and flowers - words like grace and empathy and above all, love. I’m in love with love. I cry at everyone’s wedding. I love getting to know my clients. So much so that we become so much more long after the event is over. I love merging relationships and creating new ones and above anything love to work and be surrounded by people who want to feel, laugh, explore and celebrate. Because life really is one big celebration and I’ll find any excuse to throw a party!

Rockeeya Brooks

Founder & Creative Director

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